Hundreds of persons from all across Europe, from the UK to Ukraine and from Bratislava to Bosnia, followed the invitation to an online celebration of “The Day of the Lord” on Saturday evening, April 25th. Johannes Fichtenbauer as the ENC president and his wife Christi presided over this liturgy while families in ENC communities had set up their own tables with bread, wine and the Shabbat candles and joined in the prayer time  led by Dominic McDermott as ENC intercession coordinator.

The traditional Shabbat music could not be performed live this time, but worship and praise times recorded during recent ENC Gatherings filled this gap. Here are some photo impressions sent to us from the first ENC online event of this type. The link can still be watched and shared. It may also be a good reminder to have Day of the Lord celebrations in our families regularly. Being able to join via internet and be part of the larger ENC family was certainly a good experience for all who watched and prayed together with the rest of us.

Video link to the web stream of April 25th:
Text for the Day of the Lord celebration in 6 languages: