Welcome of the participating nations at the ENC Gathering 2022
Worship always comes first
Let’s enjoy God’s presence as we meet in Jesus’ name
All generations together.
Marcin Zielinski teaching on the “Power of Prayer”.
Translating for the livestream in Ukrainian language.
Karol Sobczyk: “Church in Challenging Times”.
Bruce Clewett teaching on “Unity in Diversity”
Spontaneous prayer happening in many places.
Discussing the topics of ENC’s NextGen.
Dominic McDermott teaching at one of the eight workshops at the Gathering.
Father Oleh leading the Greek Catholic liturgy.
Bishop Andrzej Siemieniewski celebrating the Mass with us on Sunday.
Celebrating the Day of the Lord on Saturday night.
Shabbat songs by the Lithuanian music team.
Welcoming new communities.
ENC president Johannes Fichtenbauer addressing the new communities.