In the current coronavirus crisis, we are called to focus on prayer and do so with a prophetic insight.

A word from Dominic McDermott – ENC Coordinator for Prayer & Intercession

Hi there,

I know there is a lot of anxiety and fear around the virus pandemic and it is certainly changing how we live our lives but as those with Almighty God as a personal friend this fear is lessened by our faith in the One who has defeated death! We know that physical death is just the passport to eternal Glory! This is a season where we are invited by Jesus to stay extra close to Him as this is a sure vaccination against fear.

In the book of Haggai (2:6-7) God spoke about shaking everything that could be shaken and that certainly seems to be happening now! When the earth is asleep spiritually and morally God shakes us to wake us up and get our attention. Imagine someone you love has fallen asleep on a road and a lorry is coming while the lorry was a long way off you might call to them gently to wake them up without shocking them but if that didn’t work and the lorry was coming closer you would shake them roughly, this would be an act of love!

For those who believe in Him the Father wants to shake us out of our apathy and our tolerance of sin in our own lives, to say to us that ‘time is short transform your own lives and work with Me to reach your brothers and sisters’. For those who don’t believe the Father wants to shake our pride and our confidence in our ability to control the world, our reliance on our material and especially our financial security.

But isn’t it Satan’s work to try and kill thousands of people you may ask. Certainly the enemy has his part in all this and we can pray against that part but God uses even the nastiest thing the enemy does, even with the full help of evil men, to bring us good, Rom 8:28 says “All things work for the good of those who love God”. This is a truth we need to hold onto and to repeat daily as the shield of faith! (Ephesians 6) The English prophet Graham Cooke was fond of saying “God allows in His wisdom what He could prevent by His power”. That would apply here as God could stop this virus in it’s tracks today, but hasn’t, (at least not yet). Why? When working with an addict sometimes you have to allow the person to hit rock-bottom thus allowing them to experience the consequence of their choices in order to encourage them to choose differently in the future. It is tough-love but it is an act of mercy, an act of love not abandonment even though it may cause some very real pain. This is the sense of the word “judgement” in the following. I was asking what I could share with you, after 3 or 4 days of strict fasting, daily mass and finally a holy hour in front of a relic of the true cross (that I believe He said is genuine!). I give you the background because of the seriousness of the prophetic word.

“This is a judgement brought upon the Earth by your (mankind’s) rebellion against Me & against natural law. (eg the killing of our children in abortion – blood soaks into the earth & cries for a response. The gender & sexuality confusion spread by many governments & international organisations which are destroying the lives of His children, young & old, the destruction of the planet etc).
Repentance & humility will bring mercy & healing as the scripture says
(2 Chronicles 7:13-14)
The danger to the world is now so great that this judgement is necessary but it is still an act of mercy. Beloved ones who are called by My Name lead the way back to Me with humility & penitence as many others will follow your corporate lead. This is the time for crying out for mercy & mercy will be given! My heart aches for your poor world – turn to Me & be saved, while you can…”

This was given with a real sense of His pain in what it was costing us and I understood that many times this judgement has been postponed in the past.
I was challenged by someone who’s discernment I trust about the truth of this word so I went back to Him and asked again for confirmation and as far as I am able to discern was given clear confirmation.

God wants us to prepare for a spiritual harvest like we have never seen before. We spend so much time trying to bring a few people to Him that we are not ready if they come in a flood, in their thousands. I believe that we must become ready as this is what is going to happen. We are entering a time where every believer needs to be able to facilitate a small group of new believers. Whether we are meeting online or face to face! This will mean learning the simple elements of small group meeting as a basic tool we can all use. To be able to share the gospel simply and help new believers take the first steps into a deeper walk, encouraging them to read the bible and helping people to hear from God for themselves.

The world has changed but Psalm 91 guarantees us that, whatever comes, we have our Defender and Protector all we need to do is to stay under the shadow of the Almighty (verse 1) and note, to be under His shadow you have to choose to be close!

May God bless you and keep you and make His Face shine upon you and give you peace.

Dominic McDermott
(“The Source”: a fresh spring from an ancient Celtic source)