This year we are very fortunate that the Pope has invited the youth of the world to celebrate faith together. We will meet together in Lisbon this summer and as the ENC, we do not want to miss this opportunity to attend such an important event. The youth from around the world, will be united in prayer together with the Pope, as a sign of Christian unity.

Millions of young people will be in Lisbon to participate in this expression of the universal Church. For one week we will have time to learn about other cultures, share our faith with brothers and sisters from all over the world, and finally, we will all gather together around the Holy Father as a grand finale.

Reach Lisbon that dates would be complex due to the amount of people attending the event so we propose to fly to Spanish airports to reach Lisbon by bus. This approach could be cheaper and easier. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to come and experience all of this first hand.

Come and enjoy this unique event with your ENC family!






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