Each year in November, the “ENC Gathering” brings together hundreds of brothers and sisters from dozens of communities from all across Europe to celebrate our unity in Christ, to bless each other with our diversity of gifts, to listen to inspirational input and to share and discuss our experiences of community life in workshops. Praise times, a dedicated worship night and denominational services are key elements in the four days of “ENC Gatherings” as well as festive meals and the celebration of the “Day of the Lord”. In the last few years, these gatherings were held in conference centers located in Slovakia, providing plenty of opportunities to spend the afternoons together with old and new-found friends during walks in the beautiful scenery of the Tatra Mountains.

We help individual communities as well as whole national networks to develop. We contact new groups and help them to develop into “emerging communities” preparing their way into the ENC. We encourage communities to form national networks. We are there when ENC communities go through hard times. We are available when communities standing at cross roads or preparing for a new season decide for a period of evaluation.

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ENC as a network brings together more than 3000 community members from over a dozen nations across Europe, creating a large pool of gifts and callings and opportunities to serve alongside, thus bringing about a synergy that no individual community could provide. Apart from the manifold personal benefits, the communities can gain many advantages through cooperations within the network. Relevant areas of ministry include leadership training, pastoral support, counseling for community building, media support and cooperation, organization of youth events and much more. A key factor is always the strengthening of personal relationships which is a particularly important asset in times of conflict of crisis in one of the member communities. We are committed to each other especially in times of need.

Apart from regional or national youth events, week-long ENC youth leadership summer conferences are organized which provide an ideal environment for relationship building, networking and mutual support.