St Paul Oradea Romania

Our Community was born on the 1st of December 1996 after a Fillip course. At the moment, we have 35 committed members, a youth group with about 10 young people between 16-18 and a group of about 15 children aged 11-14.

The Community meets every week, one week in 5 small groups in homes, the other week all together. Some of our members are involved in different ministries like youth ministry, inner healing and deliverance ministry, discipleship and leadership training and network building on regional, national or international level.

In many fields we were pioneers: for example bringing new forms of evangelism (courses, big rallies, street evangelism), buildingCommunities of the third way, etc. During our history, we went through some persecutions, some crises, and hopefully have learnt something from each one. The most important lessons were how to work in the field of ecumenism without compromising our Catholic identity or how to live the fullness of our Catholic faith and still remain open to build healthy ecumenical relationships.

A permanent challenge is to remain faithful in the situation of being a minority in every sense:
- Hungarians between the Romanian majority
- Catholics between the Orthodox and Protestant majority
- converted charismatics between a majority of traditional Catholics
- active lay people in the midst of a very clerical church
- building relationships with Evangelical Protestants between people who consider them sects
- trying to bring renewal and to re-evangelize a church which doesn’t think it needs it
- being like “aliens” between the “normal people”

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