St. Martin´s Fellowship

St. Martin´s Fellowship – Bratislava - Slovakia

The fellowship officially exists since 1993, but its roots reach far into the Communist era. We are a lay Catholic fellowship, open to other denominations. We have 152 members and about 40 children. During our existence, many people were members of our fellowship and then moved to other parts of Slovakia, where they started their own fellowships. In 2002, we founded a non-profit organisation and currently have 8 full-time workers in our office.

Our heart is full of love for Slovakia. We would like to see our country renewed for our Lord. That is why we focus on the following 5 areas:

•Revival among Christians
•Ecumenism, good relationships among Christians from various denominations
•Leaders and small groups

Each Wednesday, we hold a large open prayer meeting in Bratislava. We focus on praise and worship, teaching and prayer for people. We receive many invitations from all over Slovakia to do the same – pray for people and have a time of teaching, praise and worship.

We publish a Christian magazine called “Nahlas” (Aloud). It is full of testimonies, teachings and articles to encourage and build up the readers.

Once a year, we organise a big evangelistic outreach, the “Campaign for Jesus", in the streets of various Slovak towns and villages.

This year, we will finish our 2-year school for 100 leaders. We see it as important to equip leaders who will lead other Christians in our country.

We help leaders and fellowships network, because we consider it vital for Christians to be together nowadays.

We publicly stood up against immoral billboards, TV and radio commercials and magazine articles lowering our country’s ethical standards. Some of our protest campaigns were successful.

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