Szekihah community in Gliwice, Poland

The “Szekinah” community was formed in Gliwice around 1990. It was an initiative of several persons, who wanted to unify those who had already had some form of contact with the Charismatic Renewal. Growing in numbers the community drew up fifteen principles, which are the basis of each member’s personal and communal life. In accordance with our name we consider ourselves to be the community of God’s glory and blessing. Our charism is worship and evangelism. Presently there are 66 committed members in our community. There are also about 20 candidates and some more people who come to our meetings irregularly. When we organize our yearly outing, there are usually over 100 participants. We also have our children group called “Ahava” and there is a youth community, “Bene Regesh,” which grew out of “Shekinah”. Now they are a separate group, maintaining good relationship with us. In our community there are over a dozen ministries (such us: worship, evangelism, finances, sports, stewardship, intercessory ministry). Independently of ministry, community members have their discipleship groups. After three years of formation these groups often become life-sharing groups. Our members actively participate in evangelism outreaches and weekly worship meetings. Some of our external ministries include cooperation with yearly “Jesus Lives” retreats on Mt St. Anne, ecumenical worship meetings for our city. Our greatest involvement is “Alpha” courses. Last year we held three cycles of these courses. In all these activities we strive to cooperate with our communities from our city and diocese, both on the leaders’ level and practically, with concrete tasks. Because Gliwice is an academic city (Technical University with about 40.000 students), our environment is a difficult one, filled with the spirit of intellectual pride. We ask for prayer for the citizens of our city, so that God will heal them from their Laodicean spirit. 

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