The community Mécses which means Candle in English was founded in 1995 in Cluj, Romania. The founders were two student girls who started a prayer group because they wanted to support each other in their everyday life with Jesus. This prayer group rapidly expanded and by the year 2000 there were 50 members in the community.

The vision of the community is to give the opportunity for students to encounter Jesus in a deeper and personal way. To help them grow in their faith and become light for other students and the world. Our vision also is that the students who have a personal relationship with Jesus after finishing their studies would return home able to start a new community or to integrate actively into the local community.

At the moment, our community meetings are frequented by 70-80 students. The most specific thing about our community is that those who lead and serve in it and those who are members are all students. Every three or four years, our membership changes 100 percent. That’s why we are an associated member of the ENC.

The topics we mainly discuss are the kerygma, the bases of Christian life and evangelisation. The community meeting has three parts; worship, teaching and small groups. We also have special occasions such as monthly prayer evenings or twice-yearly play nights; some of our summer events are outside.

The community is involved in different programmes, projects, courses. The most recent one was a Philip course and in the near future our community is taking part in a flash mob in three different parts of the city. We just started a new semester and we hope and pray that God will show His glory trough our community.

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