Kristian David School

We are a Christian intentional community in Latvia and we run a state accredited primary boarding school since 1991. We have 40 children in school and about 20 community members/educators, most of whom live full time in community and receive no salary for their work.

We have an organic farm and fields, which provide our school with almost all necessary foodstuffs. Children work side by side with teachers on the fields, with animals, also in the kitchen baking pastries, engaging in culinary experiments etc. Most of the pupils are from problem families or are orphans which become foster children of our community members and are being cared for till their adulthood and beyond.

We try to teach them christian and humanist values, open-mindedness, creativity, empathy and compassion. We get immense joy from growing in mind and in spirit together. Our classes are small, children get individual attention and help whenever its needed.

We create music with our brass band which takes part in music festivals. We sing and pray together every day. Our music teacher composes music for school theatre and our art teacher also runs art studio in the town.

We try to cultivate the culture of cooperation, because it yields the best results and is prerequisite to our very existence. Joy of our collective achievements is greater than that of our individual ones, because we can share it with one another. This family-like environment gives children opportunity to acquire various practical skills as well. They can learn to drive and repair tractors, weld, operate various machinery, milk cows, ride a horse, grow crops, do household repair work and master many more useful DIY skills. The result is confident, self-reliant, multifaceted human being whose both mental and physical capacities are developed.

We have friends from other countries who help us financially , materially and through regular visitations create a paradoxically international environment in the middle of sparsely populated Latvian countryside. We are always happy to make new friends.

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