Jahu Biel, Switzerland

The beginning of the Jahu Community goes back to 1974, when eight young people got saved at a camp of the local reformed church. They started a youth group, out of which a community of about 300 people grew.

We hold church services on Sundays and meet as small home groups on Monday evenings. Most Jahu families are living next to one another in or around the city of Biel, and many of the younger generation share flats.

Jahu has its own school where kids are educated up to the age of 16. We also run a one-year discipleship training school called „Master’s Commission“. Our students come from different countries and churches.

It is important for us to connect life, work and worship. This is also expressed by the buildings we moved to three years ago: There is an apartment building occupied mostly by Jahu members. It has direct access to the church building. The building on the other side houses our school and several businesses owned by people from the church.

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