Immanuel Ravensburg

To experience God and to be a witness for Him
The Immanuel Community is a Catholic lay community with a focus on evangelization, unity among Christians, renewal of church and society.
We have experienced the baptism in the Holy Spirit which leads man into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
We try to live in the spirit of the Gospel and want to help our members to be a witness for Christ in day-to-day life.
We do not consider ourselves as “church” but as a „supplement“ to the local church. The Immanuel Centre is found in Ravensburg, the community has about 200 members. We have subsidiaries in Ravensburg, Cologne, Dresden, Biberach, Tübingen, Stuttgart.
We offer: worship services, children’s meetings, marriage courses, youth meetings, summer camps, Alpha courses, family camps, counseling, women’s conferences, retreats, worship concerts, worship conferences, cell groups 
We support projects in Uganda, South-East Asia and spiritual communities in Germany and Eastern Europe.
-  Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church in Germany
-  “Treffen von Veranwortlichen”, Together for Europe, Evangelical Alliance, Alliance for Families
-  ENC (European Network of Communities)

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