The beginnings of the Hezekiah Community go back to the year 1985. First it was a small group consisting mostly of students. In 1990, we recognized the name of our group – Hezekiah (Hizqijjah in Hebrew), which means „God is my strength”. These words express the charism and the calling of our community, to renew the Church, just as king Hezekiah did.

Since then, our community started to grow dynamically. In 1991, 70 people took part in our retreat, in 1994, there were almost 200. In the second half of the 90s, we experienced a severe crisis in our community. A lot of people left. Not until 2004 did this tendency change, as we started to run Alpha Courses.

About 200 people took part in our retreat last year. However, not all of them are members of the community. We treat some of them as our sympathizers.

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