The Good Sherpherd Community

The Good Sherpherd Community was started in the nineties by Father Dražen Radigović. God gave them the vision to organise large charismatic meetings in Croatia which they started in 2000.
They currently have 7 branches and around 200 members, they are provisional members of the ENC.

Until now, 7 priests, 1 nun and 8 religious teachers have come from out of the community, as well as many lay people who are dedicated to serving the community and the Church.

The community’s activities include: open prayer meetings, meetings of members, house prayer groups. Together they organise inner healing seminars, seminars for unmarried people, counselling and prayer help for people in need. They hold various schools: basic Christian experience, Bible school, non-violent communication school. Soon they will be organising a worship school, an evangelisation school and a school on charisms.

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