Eben Ezer

Eben Ezer is a Catholic community first started in 1998 as a prayer group - an initiative of a few high school students searching for God's will in their lives. During the 11 years of its existence, our Community experienced many changes, formation, blessings and gifts of the Holy Spirit, new discoveries, a lot of learning and happiness to be part of God's plan.

At the moment, there are about 20 committed members, not counting the number of babies which seem to multiply from year to year :). We share the fact that God has personally touched us and called us to be together as a community where each of us can grow and live a full life with Him. What was given to us, we want to pass on to people and we feel that our mission is to do so through close personal relationships, establishing new communities and their formation. Christians who have never personally experienced God are especially close to our heart. In the life of our community, serving has an important place. We were called to a variety of ministries: open prayer meeting in the local Grammar School, leading a worship for youth, cooperating on leading Christian courses, setting up a tradition of regular meetings of the leaders of communities active in the parish, setting up several small prayer groups at high school, university and within the local scout troop. The ministry we all share in since 2005 is called „Open Eben". For every first Sunday of the month, we invite our friends and other people to open meetings of the community, to let them experience the fellowship as we experience it: in worship, agape, prayers, talks, ... We are happy to experience that also through this ministry, God chooses us to serve as a tool in His hands. We wish that one day at least some of us would live together as a community.

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