Dom Bozy

We are a Catholic charismatic community at the St Augustine’s parish in Wrocław (Poland). Our full name runs: Dom Boży i brama nieba (it comes from Genesis 28, 17: the house of God and the gate of heaven). It means a place where God and His family live. Our basic callings are: to listen to God’s Word and to proclaim It, to worship God and to pray intercessory prayers (My house shall be a house of prayer – Luke 19, 46).

Our aim is to become more and more similar to Christ, to keep the principles taken from the evangelical values. It doesn’t imply that we keep them all by now but it means that they suit us and we attempt to live according to them. (My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it – Luke 8, 21).

Our community is a place where we listen to God’s Word so that It can form our lives and our relationships. We read the Bible, consider what the Scripture tells us and we endeavor to obey. Our prayers arise from the listening of God’s Word.

Because Jesus Christ is the centre of our live, we are also called to evangelize (the Alpha course).

We want to extol God unceasingly in all that we do, experience and share. We want to thank Him always, everywhere and for everything (1 Thessalonians 5, 18).

The charism of our community is defined but also dynamic and open. We want to be watchful and to listen to God’s voice (to care for the gift of prophesy), to be receptive to the Holy Spirit’s calling to the new tasks.

The life of the community proceeds during the meetings of the small groups, of the houses (several small groups) and during the open prayer meetings. It proceeds also through different ministries (for instance: the Alpha course, worship, intercessory prayer, retreat, Holy Mass, the Day of Reconcilement, Booths). In this year the Community will celebrate its twentieth anniversary.

We identify with the Roman Catholic Church and its doctrine.

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