Catholic university

The Community at the Catholic university consists of students, alumni, PhD students and   university's pedagogues who have meetings together with a common desire to fulfill God's will and to grow spiritually in a Christian way. The community and its ministry is also  a part of pastoral  care for university, supporting evangelization program and pastoral ministry at universitybut also in parishes and small communities all around Slovakia. This community focuses on worship ministry, giving testimonies from Christian life (conversion), formation teachings for leaders – discipleship and also runs Christian seminars and conferences.

History of community:
The community started eight years ago when few students who experienced God in  a personal way (conversion) started to pray together. Later on community started to organize teachings,  prayer meetings and worship evenings.

Nowadays community consists of 150 members.
11 of them are core leaders with permanent  commitment,
30 of them are animators - leaders of small groups with temporary commitment
the rest are students, members of small groups.

Vision of community:
a. Spiritual renewal – revival at Catholic university
b. Spiritual growth – formation:
  1. Evangelization, Kerygma teachings for new members
  2. Teachings for spiritual growth of community and small groups meetings
  3. Formation teachings focused on particular ministries (leading, intercession prayer,
    worship team, prophecy etc...)
  4. Ministry and counselling for other communities in Slovakia
c. Open worship meetings

Our values:

Personal prayer Community prayer
Reading Bible  Receiving Sacraments
Continual spiritual growth  Discipleship
Self-studying Obedience
Frankness Openness
Confidence Unity –Integrity
Evangelization Commitment for community

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