Maranatha - Linz

Maranatha is a small christian community in Linz, Austria, founded in 1999. Even though it was originally a Catholic community from the very first day of our existence God put a fire in our hearts burning for unity. Over the years God showed us how this desire for unity can be filled and so it was with great joy when we decided to become an ecumenic community and formally welcomed our first Lutheran member into our community in 2006.Today everyone who shares our vision can become a member. We are now eleven committed members from different denominations.

Our core values are unity (a confession to the triune God), an openness to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives individually and in our community and a willingness to live in accordance with the Scripture.

We meet every Thursday for our prayer service which is open for everyone. After a short prayer for openness to the Holy Spirit we listen to the Word of God and hear an input which is supposed to explain the passage from the Bible to our everyday's lives. The relevance of God's Word for our lives leads us to a time of worship and praise followed by a time of prayer and reflexion. We finish this prayer meeting with the Our Father.

This year we feel that God wants uns to run an Alpha-couse in the prison of Linz. We pray that God will open the doors for it.

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