The Lion of Judah Community, Poland

The community Lion of Judah from Wrocław – people, who look for God and share Good News 

The community was founded in 1980 after an evangelism retreat in the parish where we live. Our roots there are in the Light and Life Movement. We gather to pray and to share our life and to preach the Gospel. We are a Catholic community. The primary and most important thing for us is to celebrate the Eucharist together. The second, to meet on the prayer meeting, where Lord comes to us for charismatic service. Thirdly there is adoration of the Holy Sacrament. - it is special time for renew of our personal relationship to the Lord. Our community consists of small groups, where every member has their place. We put emphasis on personal prayer with contemplation of the Word of God every day. Lion of Judah has four faces; charismatic, ecumenism, evangelism and community.

Today we are called for the Lord to pray for the new generation and to serve young people. We spend more and more time with the youth and children. It is new for us. We have heard this calling two years ago very clearly. Many of us started to engage in this service. We are convinced of the great wealth of this task, that a new generation can know Jesus Christ.

Another task we receive is help for tribe school in Muvalia in India. We lead a special activity to financial support the school director father Adaikala SVD and his teachers. We can see young people who have the possibility to come to school. Maybe in the future it will give them work. Also in this school they can know our Lord.

We have some activities in our parish. Among other things we prepare youth for confirmation. Very important for us is the work for unity between communities of our city. We try to build good relations with other communities and other Christians. We meet and pray together.  Brothers and sisters we ask you to pray for us. We feel it is only beginning, we need to be close to the Lord and more fulfil his will.  

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