ENC Gathering 2016

Deadline extended till midnight on 16th October

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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Warm greetings from Kaunas, Lithuania! This week we are meeting as the ENC Council and we have just finalised the details of this year’s ENC Gathering. We are really excited about the location and the program for this year.

ENC Gathering 10-13 November 2016

We will be in the Tatralandia Holiday Village in Central Slovakia, nestled in the foothills of the foothill of the beautiful Tatra mountains and adjacent to the Tatralandia Aquapark.  Although the Tatralandia Holiday Village is filled to capacity with holiday makers for most of the year, we will be transforming it into an "ENC Village” during the second week of November.  AND - here it comes - if you would like to come earlier or stay on longer we have negotiated with the owners for a deeply discounted price!  (€30 per person full board per day)

We in the ENC Executive Team have been feeling for some time that God is wanting to "re-ignite" some of our communities with a new sense of God's anointing and power.  So this year we have invited Dr. Mary Healy, the current chairperson for the doctrinal commission of the ICCRS in Rome, and Mario Tomasik to be our plenary speakers. Dr. Healy resides in the USA and is much sought-after conference speaker on the subject of the "Charismatic Renewal" and "What is the Spirit of God up to in our day?" Mario leads the St. Martin’s Community in Bratislava and is a member of the ENC Executive Team. 

As always, there will be ample time for fellowship, relaxation, worship, and ministry to one another.  And you can use the Tatralandia water park for with a special reduced price of €14 per person per day. This year we have extra space and so are encouraging you to bring others with you.

You can register online at here .


Have a look at some of what awaits you!


Registration will be open from 2pm on Thursday 10th November. The program will end with Lunch on 13th November.
For those who are flying the closest airports are Poprad (TAT) , Kosice (KSC) and Bratislava (BTS). From Bratislava or Kosice it will be necessary to take a train. From the train station it is possible to take a taxi for €5.


GATHERING COSTS (Room, board & conference fees):
Standard price:
Communities from western Europe €145
Communities from Central and Eastern €125
Discounted rates:
ENC Member communities (Provisional & Full members) and guest communities coming for the first time.
Communities from western Europe €125
Communities from Central and Eastern €105
We ask that each community will pay as a group. Where it is possible for the fees to be collected on a national level this is welcomed.
After you apply we will send you details of paying. All payments must be received at the latest by Friday 23rd September.  In case you apply or pay after this date there is an extra fee of 50 Euros.
For those who are not employed (Students, unemployed, etc) or who have a specific need we have a special fund available to help with the costs. It is important that you mention this when you apply.
We will be accommodated in stylish cottages or various sizes:
Cottages A (Up to 4 people, room for 3, with possibility for 1 extra person in the lounge)
Cottages B (Up to 5 people, room for 4, with possibility for 1 extra person in the lounge)
You can see some examples of the accommodation by clicking on the links above.
Children till 5.99 years are for free. For older children please contact us about the pricing.  Please be aware that we would ask that children over 1-year-old should not be in the main meeting room so as not to disturb the meeting.
We understand that sometimes it is needed that someone change places with another person. This is ONLY possible if it is communicated and agreed beforehand. If a change is needed, please ensure the new person is of the same gender as the cancelling person. Or, if one person from a married couple is unable to come, please make sure that the replacement is of the same gender as his/her future roommate (e.g. if the husband cannot come, a woman will replace him and share a room with his wife.)
Cancellation 30 days before 75% of the fee. Cancellation 15 days before 100% of the fee. We recommend in case of needing to cancel that you find someone to replace you or that you take out insurance in case of needing to cancel.
The price is a fixed price and includes all meals from Thursday night till Sunday lunch. There is no possibility of a discount if you will not eat a meal or arrive late. If you are vegetarian or have a special diet, please mention this in detail on your application.
Directions to the centre will be sent after you register, closer to the conference date, about 2 weeks before the conference.
If you have any general questions, please e-mail us at: [email protected]
We look forward to being with you at the ENC Gathering!
On behalf of the ENC Council, 
Kevin Bridges
ENC Gathering Administrator  

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