The +ENC Prayer

Lord our God,

We stand before you as a family, as a family of communities, brought together by the power of your love. We thank you for your wisdom and providence, calling our communities into your service.

You are the source of all we have, and are, and even hope to become. Without you we can do nothing. Pour out your grace into our hearts that our passion for you may be renewed always.

Through your Spirit enrich us with your gifts, so that we may carry your presence to the world: in teaching, preaching, healing ministries, works of reconciliation and acts of mercy.

Father, you are faithful forever, in your mercy help us to be faithful to you, to our giftings, to our callings, to our communities, to our Churches. Make us one in mind, heart and love that others may see our unity and know that you are the true God.

Give us wisdom and perseverance to continue the race until the Bride of your Son is adorned in beauty for the wedding feast of the Lamb, where we may rejoice together with you in heaven for all eternity. 


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